Refund and re-trace policy
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Trace and refund policy

• Our trace results are guaranteed for 30 days.  If you requested a second trace within this 30-day period and the result differs from the first trace results, we will refund the application fee for the second trace.

• If no information is available  we will provide a full refund after we subtracted a reasonable fee for our costs incurred in conducting the trace.

• No refunds will be scheduled for successful traces where the subject keeps on avoiding the sheriff and or any court officials.

• If the applicant opted to cancel the trace request agreed to and submitted, the application fee will only be refunded if no tracing has commenced, minus reasonable expenses incurred. If any tracing commenced, the application fee will not be refunded.

• Refunds should be submitted via email to within 5 (five) days of date of the trace report.

• Please read our terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please note that we receive trace information received from third party vendors and a variety of databasis and sophisticated tracing tools in order to trace the last whereabouts of the trace.  As such we do not physically go out and trace the trace subject and cannot guarantee the correctness of the trace information received by third party vendors and we give you all the details that we receive and are available from these vendors.