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Small print


Delivery of Service: Traceyourbabydaddy will provide a tracing service in the shortest possible time, but no guarantees can be made with regards to any time periods due to the complexity of the tracing.


Limitation of Liability: If a subject cannot be traced, Traceyourbabydaddy will refund the client’s monies after all reasonable tracing and administration costs are deducted.

Traceyourbabydaddy will not be held liable if the client uses the information obtained for any other purpose other than locating a defaulting maintenance payer or a subject which you plan on instituting maintenance proceedings against.

If a re-check is requested and the information differs from the first check, Traceyourbabydaddy will not held the client liable for the second check provided that said check occurred within 30 days of the first check.

Traceyourbabydaddy will not be liable for any traces where the subject either passed away or left the country and the cost will be for the client’s account.

Traceyourbabydaddy will not be held liable for any personal losses or damages suffered by the client as a result of the information obtained by the service provider, nor guarantees the correctness of the information. All information received is conveyed to the person requesting the trace and henceforth Traceyourbabydaddy has fulfilled their obligation in terms of the agreement.


Cancellation: If the client cancels a trace request, prior to the commencement of the tracing, the client will be responsible for any administrative costs already occurred.  The remainder of the application fee will be refunded to the client.


Guarantee: Traces and/or other information obtained by Traceyourbabydaddy is guaranteed that it is so received from the third party vendor(s) and no alterations are done on these reports. This is all the information received directly from the vendors. Should the data be invalid due to circumstances beyond our control (trace moved or changed contact numbers) Traceyourbabydaddy will not accept such responsibility and it would be considered that Traceyourbabydaddy has fulfilled their obligations in terms of the agreement by supplying the person requesting the trace when the report is sent to such person.


Amendments to Terms and Conditions: Traceyourbabydadday may at any time, without prior warning, adjust its Terms and Conditions to be in line with South African legislation and the client deemed to be aware of any changes in the Terms and Conditions upon entering this agreement.


Privacy: Traceyourbabydaddy will collect and use the information provided by the client strictly for the purpose of tracing.

The collected data will not be sold or used for any other purpose and/or provided to 3rd parties.

Personal information collected will be safeguarded from loss, theft, copying and unauthorised access.


Payments: Traceyourbabydaddy will not release any information before payment did not clear on the service provider’s side.

Payments can be made by direct debit, bank transfer or EFT.  No cash payments, money market payments or any other 3rd party payments will be accepted.


Accuracy of Data: Traceyourbabydaddy guarantees that the all data collected is from reputable third party vendors, however as we might obtain data from outside tracers, social media flatforms, credit bureaus and info from third parties, and as such we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any third party provider’s data.

(Updated 29-08-2023)